Sunday, January 20, 2008

My 888 List

OK. I've stayed up way too late to do this, but I have my list. Note that it is subject to change on a whim, as I find NEW books to add to it.

8 Books I’d Like to Finish

  1. A Chance to Die (Elliot)
  2. Smart Organizing DONE!
  3. A House for My Name
  4. Peacemaking for Families
  5. Homeschooling the Challenging Child DONE!
  6. Age of Opportunity
  7. Women in the Material World
  8. The Tiger Rising (DiCamillo) DONE!

8 Books by Some of My Favorite Authors

  1. Number the Stars (Lowry)
  2. The Silent Boy (Lowry)
  3. Redeeming Love (Rivers)
  4. The Shofar Blew (Rivers)
  5. Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman (Ortland)
  6. Surprised by Joy (Lewis)
  7. Calico Captive (Speare)
  8. The Tiger Rising (DiCamillo) DONE!

8 Christian Classics (or Destined to Be Classics)

  1. Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life (Whitall Smith)
  2. The Practice of Godliness (Bridges)
  3. The Everlasting (Chesterton)
  4. Orthodoxy (Chesterton)
  5. Let the Nations Be Glad (Piper)
  6. Till We Have Faces (Lewis)
  7. Experiencing God (Blackaby)
  8. Absolute Surrender (Murray)

8 Fiction Books

  1. The Shofar Blew
  2. Fahrenheit 451
  3. Island of the Blue Dolphin
  4. Calico Captive
  5. Across Five Aprils
  6. The Hedge of Thorns
  7. Carry On, Captain Bowditch! DONE!
  8. Sarah, Plain and Tall

8 Books to Make Me a Better Teacher

  1. I Wanna Take Me a Picture
  2. Future Men (Wilson)
  3. Teach Them Dilligently: How to Use Scriptures in Child Training
  4. Minds of Boys
  5. Piecing Together the Highschool Puzzle (Mastrioncola) DONE!
  6. Shaping the Man Inside Teenage Boys (Beausay)
  7. You Can Teach Your Child Successfully (Beechick)
  8. When the Brain Can’t Hear DONE!

8 Books to Read with My Boys

  1. Duncan’s War (Bond)
  2. Tuck Everlasting DONE!
  3. Boy (Dahl) DONE!
  4. The Three Musketeers
  5. The Giant Killer
  6. Who Put the Skunk in the Trunk?: Learning to Laugh When Life Stinks
  7. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever DONE!
  8. Boyhood and Beyond

8 Books I Loved That I Want to Read to My Youngest Son

  1. How Fletcher Was Hatched DONE!
  2. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  3. Prince Caspian
  4. Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  5. Blueberries for Sal DONE!
  6. Little House in the Big Woods
  7. The Velveteen Rabbit DONE!
  8. Amelia Bedelia DONE!

8 Working on Me (a little)

  1. The Heart of Anger
  2. The Universe Next Door
  3. The Power of Words
  4. Desperate Households
  5. How to Win Over Depression
  6. Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate
  7. Idols of the Heart, Learning to Long for God Alone
  8. Smart Organizing DONE!

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threeswans said...

Can I suggest a new title to you, for Christian fiction - suitable for ages 12 and upwards. It is "Outcasts of Skagaray", by Andrew Clarke, Musterion Press.