Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Auto Insurance? Definitely Worth Every Cent of Premium

No, I didn't have an accident. Did I mention the time my car engine got set on fire? No? Well, we had roadside trouble, had "help," and one of my "helpers" set my engine on fire (briefly). Fortunately he put it out quickly, and as far as we could tell, not damage was done. My insurance policy came in kinda handy then, providing towing to the nearby mechanic's shop. Oh yeah, and there was that time that my Suburban coasted to a stop just inside of our church's parking lot, and I had to call to have it towed (again) to the mechanic's.

Today I used it again. Not towing though. One of the boys locked the keys in the car last night. We got up this morning to go to co-op. Good news! The back hatch that wouldn't lock for months, well, it locks now. So we couldn't even go in the back to rescue the keys. I'm learning that when life's minor crises hit, I do well to take some time to consider my options before reacting. A dear friend picked us up and got us to and from co-op (and an appointment I had . . . more on that on my other blog), and in that time I remembered, oh yeah!, I have insurance! So when we got home I called and guess what! They cover lock-outs. So right now I'm sitting here waiting for the towing company to come unlock my car, and I'm thankful for the ridiculous amount of money I pay each month "just in case."

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Erin said...

At least you didn't lock one of your kids in the car, strapped in their car seat, in the Walmart parking lot in Albuquerque, NM. I don't know who could have done that *ahem*