Monday, May 14, 2007

Use Caution When Choosing a Movie at My House

I started watching Rocky Balboa yesterday, and decided it was a great movie for the boys. (And I wasn't wrong.) But here's what happened at my house tonight:

TV viewing for us is not passive. It is definitely interactive. Anyone who doesn't believe that all the problems we are seeing in society are much the result of the media kids are exposed to . . . needs to come spend some time at my house.

And yes, AJ has already come to me crying because he lost a fight. He did get hurt a little, but he was mostly upset that he didn't win the $6 in prize money offered to the champion. 'Course that's what you get when you let your opponent be the ring judge.


Erin said...

You should totally whip that last picture out and show it to AJ's first real girlfriend! That's some good bribery leverage right there.

Lisa said...

Heh heh heh. Didn't even think of that. Don't ya just love it when you snap a photo and think to yourself,"I'll be real glad to have that one in a few years."