Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Puppy Update

Today I took AJ to the pet store to pick out stuff for his puppy. Sheesh! It would have been cheaper to adopt a KID! It was fun watching him trying to pick out a collar, a lead, toys, and so on. He is so independent in his thinking, so sure when he finds what he likes of what he wants. I could see the excitement mounting for him, and it is about to kill him that he has to wait another full day and a half. I kicked myself tonight because I realize I should have taken my camera to the pet store to take photos, but I decided to go on such a whim, that I didn't have it. I WILL take it to the shelter on Friday! The other two boys have a field trip, so AJ and I might go while they are away. I thought it might make bringing the new puppy home a little easier.

Even though Princess might have a hard time adjusting to sharing her family, this whole endeavor has been a good thing for her. It has stimulated my interest in learning about dogs, and has really increased my interest in her. Even though she was purchased for the boys, she is very much MY dog--I'm her "Alpha" as they say. So now I am studying and researching about training dogs, and I'm going to try to train her to not pull on the leash, to not bark when I tell her to stop, and to heel. She is SOOO excitable when we go out the front door, I almost can't control her. It is hard just to get her attention to get commands through her head. We watched a VERY good video on dog training today, and I tried some techniques, but I can't get her to stay alongside me long enough to use the choke chain correctly and effectively. I got a pincher collar today, and was hoping I could master the choke chain so I wouldn't really have to use it, but I think I might for a while until I can control her a little better.

Anyway that's what is going on here. Our lives are pretty much going to the dogs. Thank goodness it's not cats!!!

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Erin said...

Watch it with the cats comments! :O) So how did it go? I can't wait to hear how your new boy did at his new home!