Saturday, February 24, 2007

A SuPrise Discovery

Almost as soon as my two youngest boys learned to walk, I discovered they also had a habit of sleep walking. Weird sleeping occurances have seemed to be our lot, at least while the boys were young. (Stephen's grown out of most of his. Andrew still does it occasionally.) Not that I'm complaining about that. Unexplained night terrors, sleep crying, and finding them roaming the house totally unaware of what they were doing happened occasionally, but not constantly. It has provided some very interesting and amusing conversations. Other than the night terrors, the only really disturbing thing about these weird half-asleep things has been finding them peeing, or about to pee in all kinds of strange places. I've found them missing the toilet (more than what is normal), peeing in the laundry room, even near the couch. Occasionally I caught it early enough to divert the culprit to the proper location. More often I had to clean up kid, floor, and any other soaked items. I always worried a little what would happen if I didn't catch them.

Now I know.

AJ has been complaining for days that his room smelled funny. I've been EXTREMELY busy this week, so I just kept making a mental note to check it out. Today he added that it smelled like pee. Uh oh. Well, only minutes ago I finally checked. I couldn't find ANYTHING to explain the weird, peelike smell. Until I removed a drawer (one of the plastic bin kinds), under which was a little puddle of still-wet pee. Don't know how many days it has been there. Can't figure out what else might have gotten hit. But I know now that I have to at least clean the drawers, the toys IN the drawers, and the carpet underneath and all around.

So, yes. I am complaining about that. I have to finish an album for someone this week. I have a display to do for our missions conference next week (which I just started). I discovered that the Sunday School class I thought I was teaching in April actually starts in two weeks. I have to clean house for small group tomorrow night. I am about three weeks behind in school records and desperately need to do some planning. AND to make matters just a little more complicated, I have a pinched sciatic nerve which is killing me (went to the chiropractor yesterday, but that's not a quick, easy fix).

So I'm just a tad busy. Guess I need to quit blogging and get to work.

Oh, and . . . no Zoo Tycoon today. Rats.

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Erin said...

Just your labels for this post are hilarious. My cousin went through the same thing when he was much younger. His mom, my aunt, found him peeing in the veggie drawer in the refrigerator one night. It was empty, but still. Yuck! Sorry you have to add cleaning up pee to your already growing list of things to do!