Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back . . . By Popular Demand.

No, I'm not talking about Lost. Which by the way, those of us who do NOT have TV can watch online for free the day after the show airs. No, no. I do NOT have a problem with Lost . . . um . . . I'm just watching it so I can keep up with what is popular in the world. You know, so I am able to understand conversations with friends who watch it . . . and the blogs of pastor-friends of mine who watch it . . . and well, OK. I watch it 'cause I like it. But I could give it up anytime. I could!

Enough of Lost. I received a request today to post something from my number one fan (you know, the one person who actually reads my blog). So here it is:

We have discovered that our dog loves DumDum lollipops. This in addition to her pleadings for popcorn and carrots. (Yeah, weird, I know.) If we're sitting and having popcorn, or if we have carrots for lunch, she hovers around us to try to get some. I think she has been stealing DumDums for a long time, finding them dropped on the ground, and taking them to her crate to nibble on in secret. But now it's out. Figures in this family that even the dog has a sugar problem. I'll probably be the only one trying to explain to the vet why I have a diabetic dog. Sorry, but I think DumDums are cheaper than dog treats. And my dog likes them better.

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