Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tonight We Will Be . . .

Reformation Day, called Halloween by some, is my boys' second favorite holiday, second only to Christmas. They LOVE to dress up! Here is what they will be tonight:

Stephen is a blonde Superman. He wanted me to get black gel or to dye his hair, but I know when to draw the line. Sorry buddy. This Superman has to stay a blonde!

AJ is going as Batman. This is the second time he has been Batman. Of course, now he is "Batman, the Dark Knight!" We would have used the costume from three years ago, but . . . hello! He's grown about ten sizes! Besides, isn't this time of year all about getting a new costume!

Josh is going as Napoleon Dynamite. OK, I can hear some of you asking why he even knows about Napoleon, let me say, I am paying for that decision. Even though I know I'm not supposed to play favorites, Josh's costume really is my favorite. Maybe it's because he plays the whole part so well!! I wasn't real sure about the movie, but my son as Napoleon Dynamite totally cracks me up!

Princess is going as Princess tonight. Well, actually, she's staying home to guard the house. And while she's a pussy cat when we have visitors (a pussy cat with a very loud bark!), she's quite a mean gaurd dog. So if you're planning on coming by while we're at our party . . . DON'T!

I'm going to spend tonight with the superheroes and their best bud Karate Kid tonight. So at the moment, I'm feeling quite safe!

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