Sunday, October 08, 2006

One Well-Loved Piggie!

Well, after seven weeks, our ginuea pig is still being well-cared for. He is often hand-fed, and the boys still argue over who should get to do it. Cage cleaning isn't quite as competitive as it was at first, but it gets done, and so far I've only had to be the calendar/alarm clock. We absolutely love having our piggie. He is so funny. We feed him piggie chow and hay in the morning, and fresh veggies and a little fruit in the evening. His evening meal is definitely the favorite, and if we forget or run late, he squeaks like crazy until we feed him. His chirping and squeaking drive the dog nuts. She seems to really love him too. Tonight she was licking him as Stephen held him and fed him. I'm not too confident that Princess would love him as much if he was loose in the house, so we are really trying to keep him secure. Oh yeah . . . the boys decided to call him Nibs. (I think it's a name from Peter Pan)

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