Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10-10 in 2010

If you've followed my blog at all, it has become apparent to you that I am . . . er . . . goal-challenged. Seems like when I set a goal it ends up forgotten. It's probably on my floor somewhere with many other things being walked upon. However, I am convinced that it is not (for me) the achieving of a goal that is important, it is setting them and moving in their general direction for at least a period of time. So I'm leaping again this year. And, as I did last year, I'm dropping the bar a bit, hoping that by not setting it too high I might actually achieve what I set out to do! So here's my 2010 Goals:

10 Books I'd like to read:
  • When Life and Beliefs Collide
  • Age of Opportunity
  • A House for My Name
  • Ministry of Motherhood
  • Idols of the Heart: Learning to Long for God Alone
  • The Reason for God
  • UnChristian
  • Esperanza Rising
  • An Unfinished Life
  • another fiction yet undecided

10 Goals for My Year:
  • Get rid of the junk in my garage
  • Make curtains for my bedroom windows and hall
  • Learn to cook (really cook)
  • Organize my schoolroom
  • Research and tentatively plan getting my Master's Degree
  • Get away for my birthday with some of my girlfriends
  • Study the book of Romans (or at least part of it)
  • Double my income (find a work-from-home job?)
  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Renew my relationship with my most Beloved

Easy goals right? Should be a piece of cake. Stay tuned. My life reads like a bad comedy (filled with a lot of God's grace!)

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