Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day Confession

Given to me by my Beloved, to remind me of His purpose in making me a mother.

My children take all that I give
Demanding more
I give a little of myself
A little more but never all
Demand respect
For little
You gave Your all
Your only Son
Your very image
All in All
All You had
I take . . . I leave
I look elsewhere
Chasing idols . . . other things
Discontent with Your best . . .
With You . . .

My children forget my special days
Mine! I say
My worth . . . my value lessened
Diminished by their neglect
I cry--tears of self-pity
You give more . . . love more
Wooing, compelling, offering
Never demeaning or threatening
Through saddened heart
By my neglect
Your value, worth NEVER lessened
By the back of my head

In love, You gave me children
So often my heart's delight
My future hope
My life, my work, my purpose
Your gift to comfort me in love
Elevated to Your place
Yet using them, expose me
Reflecting You
Reflecting me
Pain in what I see
O Lord, the way I treat You!
More than the way that they treat me!
Let them resume their place
Forgive me! Consume me with You!

copyright 2009, Lisa A. Baker

1 comment:

Helen C said...

You always did write beautifully and this is no exception.! :) What a wonderful expression of your feelings, thoughts and deep faith.