Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Happened to My Little Boy?

What do you do when you realize your little boy is growing up to be a man? I'm not sure. In fact, I don't know if I'll ever figure it out.
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This weekend, Josh went to the Junior High Mid-Winter Retreat with our church. It was a strange feeling dropping him off. I had done nothing. He packed all of his own things. He made sure I filled out the forms in time. He made sure all of the payments and spending money were taken care of. He did it all. When did it happen? When did my boy grow up?


Morgan said...

Wow! You have a very good point! He truly is becoming a man, right in front of your eyes.

You are in my prayers:)

Crystal said...

Hey Lisa,
Did you know that the last time I saw Josh was the same time as the first pic you posted? CRAZY and I have been noticing how much more of a man he is becoming over the last couple years. I know my oldest is only 4 1/2 but it feels like he is growing up too quicky too! Does it ever stop? Will we ever stop feeling this way? I don't think we will! Miss you friend...

Anonymous said...

Lisa, It was really hard to see that my only child was suddenly grown and off to college--and I got mad! It was hard to admit that yes, I was angry but not at her--just the growing up fact.

You have my great respect. Raising boys is hard, but you seem to be doing a good job. Always remember that you don't have to do this alone, you have so many people available to help you and/or the boys that really love and care for you all. Grama Kate