Thursday, July 12, 2007

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Book Instead of Seeing a Movie

10) The movie is sold out . . . becuase all the stinkin' daycares have come for the free movie, leaving NO tickets for the rest of us!

9) For the price of a movie with your family, you can buy FOUR different books (unless the movie was free . . . and even then, if you get food . . . well, you know what I mean!).

8) You can read a book over and over, enjoying it again and again.

7) Nobody complains if you talk in the middle of the story.

6) You get to bring the book home with you!

5) You can pick from hundreds, or even thousands of books at any one time, buy only a couple dozen movies (and for some of us the choices are even fewer)!

4) Your other books will have new friends to play with!

3) Your kids will actually WANT to keep talking about their books!

2) You can drag the excitement out for days . . . or weeks . . . of for readers like me for years!

1) You get to see the excitement on your kids' faces over a new book, and suddenly feel like you might be doing something right!

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