Friday, June 15, 2007

Hard Lesson

The Lord and I have been going round and round about me slipping into a serious night-owl habit. I have just had a hard time sleeping, and it's become extreme. It is complicated by the fact that I don't have to be up early, so the boys and I are staying up very late, and getting up quite late in the morning. (Yes, alas. I'm passing on this wonderful character quality to my children.) I'm always prone to this, but with summer, it has been even harder to discipline myself to go to bed. The last few days my time in the Word has really convicted me of the need to work on this, so I've been asking God for help, knowing I just can't overcome this on my own. We all know we should be careful what we ask for, right?

This morning the Lord did indeed wake me up earlier . . . to the sound of the dog yacking amidst dueling alarm clocks. Oh goody! Won't describe it here for those of you who are weak-stomached (I used to be one of you. Then I had children.), but let's just say there was't much since she hadn't eaten all night. So I raced through the house, down the stairs and through the kitchen to let her out before she did it again (her favorite place to lose it is in the tracks of the sliding glass door--a fun clean-up, let me tell you). I made it in the nick of time.

So my eyes are sooo droopy right now, and I feel like going back to bed, but I'm not . . . cause I don't want another lesson.


helen said...

maybe VBS will help to put you back on schedule?

I'll be praying for you...I too fall into this trap...except I take a nap in the afternoon (no kids can lend to this trap) instead of a late getting-up morning.

love, helen

EvaB and VickiMac said...

Coffee, coffee and more coffee. It fixes everything:)

Lisa said...

Hmmm . . . I'm picturing what a cup of coffee at midnight would do to me. Oh! You mean coffee in the morning? Yeah. That might work . . . if I could get out of bed and stay awake long enough to fix it!