Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Things a Boy's Mom Never Thought She'd Say

  • "Just put those socks and shoes on so no one will see the dirt!"

  • "Just how long has that lizard been in your pocket?"

  • "Did the label on that shampoo you used say it should smell like sweaty boy?"

  • "OK, we'll take a shower with the garden hose outside tonight. (At least I know he gets clean!)

  • "No, Cheetoes are not a vegetable."

  • "Why are there 35 socks under your bed? Why don't any of them match?"

  • "What do we hit with bats?" (OK, he knew this at TWO!!! The answer has not changed to brothers!)

  • "Hey, that shower curtain is not there for you to wrap up in!"

  • "Why did you tie Batman to the stove?"

  • "No, fish cannot drive Matchbox cars!

  • "How did your fist accidently punch him?"


Johnny Canuck said...

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